The Seed

Growth: If you plant a seed will it grow without water? Probably not so why in life would you see a chance and not take it. If you water the plant properly doesn’t it show signs of beauty?

That’s why we as individual entities must Carpe Diem (seize the moment)!! Learn all you can, teach wisdom and condemn ignorance, live for tomorrow and let go of yesterday. If you can’t change it, pray to God that he may take the distain of yesterday an turn it into tomorrows rainbow. For every cloud has a silver lining so does every life, but we must run to our destiny before we crawl to our death.

Why watch life happen when you could make life happen? If you can think it, you can do it. These are “facts”not just statements but you are the only one that can turn the dream into a reality!! Yes it true “we all need help” but the best help comes from you. If I see that you have passion, drive and you’re committed, I’ll be motivated to that cause as well. Gods gift to you is wasted if your the only one who knows how gifted you really are. Talent is to be shared by the world no matter where it comes from. If you set the standard of you’re life the world will follow!!

What you do in life depends on these factors; vision, focus, will, effort, determination, faith, understanding, love, hope, health, wisdom, acceptance, kindness and last but certainly not least being true to the word of God. we all fall short of perfection but that was already predetermined you didn’t choose to be here, you didn’t choose your parents, you didn’t choose where you grew up, you didn’t choose where you went to school or what you had for dinner as a child, but you chose how you treat your parents, who to hang out with in your neighborhood, what you learned when you were in school, how much you ate at the dinner table and what you’ll do in life while you’re here.

Funny thing is we blame others when our life has flaws but I can’t choose for you so how can your downfall be my fault and you’re windfall all you’re doing? If it’s my fault then “I want you to go to the top of the tallest building and jump”. It’s a metaphor but you get the point,” don’t Be a follower unless you’ve got twitter”.

Seriously you’ve got a choice to be honest & loyal, right or wrong, free or locked up, good or bad, glad or mad, happy and sad but whatever your emotion or mood is, that’s your control, people create situations but you control your reaction. Problem with that is “your too sensitive” and “he doesn’t show emotion”, “they don’t listen” or “she won’t shut up”, everyone wants control and nobody has it. To control the situation you must maintain self-control!

The life of a plant depends on the way you maintain it, just like your life! You planted the seed so take care of the plant, nurture the plant, and watch it’s beauty grow over the years. Just like a dying plant has the potential to be brought back to life, so do we. The longevity of your plant is up too you”JUST LIKE YOU’RE LIFE”.


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