If you open your heart it might change your mind. If we love it’ll change the way you see and if you never give up you’ll be whatever you want to be. Life is one big opportunity but we don’t take hold of the moment, why not? Maybe it’s because your scared of rejection or tired of failing and the sound of no makes you mad, if that’s the case I say”so what,get over it”. People are jealous and they hate to see you doing better than them; but that’s not true, they are mad because they know it “could’ve been me”. I say “why is it not you”? Could it be that you didn’t want to get up and go that day and the chance passed you by? If so is that our fault?
The worst thing you can do is give up on yourself! Don’t waste your life being obsolete. Keep learning because everyday could be an adventure. Keep trying and you’ll definitely find yourself living your dreams instead hoping tonight’s dream is “the one”. You don’t get back time so always make the most of the insignificant time we have. I say insignificant because if you don’t leave your stamp on the world, the world has already stamped you!!
God promised us everything in abundance and he did not say only you can have it. His grace and mercy gives everyone “equal opportunity” to achieve their desired goals and dreams. If you choose to have money it’s because you take the necessary actions to obtain it and it’s no different from the man/woman that chooses not to get off the couch. We choose our destiny, no one else!!
Life is a lesson most often learned on the go.
Make your journey a good one and build friendships that grow.
Ask God for direction, protection and the power to heal.
My God is a wonderful God his words a full course meal.
I pray his will be done and in my life he’s first in command.
Love&have some patience if you don’t agree just try to understand.
My plan is to be better do better and respect life without thinking twice
My pleasure was surrendering to God, my question what will you sacrifice?


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