A better man

I’m searching to become a better man. In my search I’m learning that the truth is the only way to travel life. We struggle with the truth when it hurts because emotion takes over, then after you’ve thought about what happened more than likely you’re sorry. Learn to think before you react, it will reconfirm that you’ve made the right choice and you won’t regret your reaction.
As I continued my search to becoming a better man, I also realized that growing up, the standards of a man consisted of playing a certain part and there isn’t to many of us out there playing it right. “THE MAN”- provided, worked for his family first. “THE MAN”- feared, no one overstepped their boundaries or there could be hell to pay. “THE MAN”- strong, protected you from harms way even if that meant from yourself.
Father,dad,husband,man of the house. If you are a man that ever had dreams of having a family, that is how the dream turned out, but “I didn’t graduate” or “they won’t hire me” and “I wanna run the streets” became the reality of men, but that’s not true because by no means do any of these qualities make a man, so we get a bad rap for the delinquints.Every choice you made as a youth effects the choice you make today. Bad choices are lessons learned so pick yourself up and keep it moving.
Most guys don’t lean on the Lord enough so you struggle because you have no faith. Some guys lean on women and you struggle because you need to get your own. Some fellas kick it to hard and you need to get your priorities in check. Some gentlemen do somethings wrong because they think if they stay to long they’ll miss something and you need to commit to something or you’ll end up losing everything. Admitting your not perfect but yet still trying to be is a step to becoming a better man. Responsible for your actions right or wrong, that’s a better man. Making sure your children have better lives, that’s a better man.
Ladies, good men are not extinct just rare and hard to find but y’all don’t make it easy. Women use men too. Yeah we got issues but I can’t bring a baby home and say it’s yours. If the dude you chose is trying to do his part, be supportive the world is brutal he doesn’t want to come home an have one more person tell him what he isn’t doing. If your so called man didn’t have a job when you met him why you riding him because he still not working, turn your expectations up. Behind every good man there is a good woman, too me that means I need you as much as you need me so WE need to work together.


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